Tuesday, February 14, 2012


(shout out to Frank for providing this disturbing pic...ha ha )

Ever had one of those friends that are so so dumb or so so slow, sotey when dem do something crazy in public, you go even dey embarrassed pass them?...ha ha. Yeah thats right cos I have a couple of them and for some reason I just cant get rid of them. And I'm sure people will prob be saying the same thing bout me too...ha ha

Its like taking same friend to the bar or a social gathering, and he/she will be the only one to get pissy drunk and start acting a fool......And at the end of the day, na you wey shame go even catch pass sef. The worst go come be when people go dey ask you "Is he/she your friend?" or “do you know him?” ...and you go dey scramble for the best answer to tell them. And you no wan say only yes right away, cos dem fit start to dey look you somehow too. I guess that’s when you try to prevent the "show me your friend and I'll tell you who you are" effect :)
And have you ever noticed that this type of situation usually happens when it’s a party or a get together that a friend of a friend invites you to…and you guys don’t know anybody there. Maybe you might know a couple of peeps there, but your drunk pal knows zero person there, and that’s where he/she decides to display their madness :)

I'm sure most of us don put our friends into different categories: we all have a friend we only call during time for partying; we all have a friend we call for advice; we've have a friend we just love hanging out with cos they funny; or we all have a friend we love hanging out with cos dey mad slow and dumb and we love making fun of them; or we all have a friend we love hanging out with cos dem get money...therefore we are always on a full scholarship anytime we go out with them..yeah how bout that one!!!...all you awoof peeople..I know una :)

So just judging by this pic alone, which category do you think this clown would fit in? Or would you like to have this type of guy as your friend? And also which category do you yourself fit in too? Cos as for me, if you take out the dumb part and the awoof part...then I possess all the other qualities :)
Okay I lied.....Ok add the awoof part...but my own awoof dey moderate shaa.....I only accept to be on full scholarship if that particular friend offers to buy a drink or whatever for me...And I also give people both full and partial scholarship when necessary. Unlike some guys wey dey always wait for person to sponsor them first...he he

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