Wednesday, February 29, 2012


This ma dude has been sentenced to death for trafficking of drugs....And where else but Malyasia.

Eric Chimezie Oluigbo was arrested while trying to distribute 22,159 grammes of cannabis at a traffic light in Napoh, Malaysia, on the morning of September 1, 2010. He was charged under Section 39 (B) of the Dangerous Drugs Act 1952 which carries a mandatory death penalty upon conviction

Chieyaa...I bet if this dude had a successful drug transaction without being caught, he would probably be one of those nna bros dem wey when dem enter Naija like this ehhn. Dem no go gree make person hia word…na so dem go just dey make noise anyhow, dey go club, spending money like say tomorrow no dey, acting like they God or smth. Yes I know this cos I’ve seen a lot of them too. I keep on telling people, as far as I'm concern, all these people who are making correct doe from drug business are really not as relaxed and as happy as some of us think. Can you imagine being paranoid every freaking second of your life?....cos you scared that you could get busted or killed?...that no be life nah. I did prefer being a poor and happy, than being rich and paranoid (umm kinda..ha ha )

Anyways I still still still still don’t understand how our boys still dey enter places where dem get zero tolerance on drug crimes...upon say plenty of them dey for sanko for thia already. Anyways I guess some people don’t value life as much as others...All in the name of making money kwo? As in inhia dikwa risky ohhh….Kai
But come to think of it, this dude is gonna be killed all because of Marijuana? Come on nah. Well RIP in advance my nna bros :(

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