Tuesday, February 7, 2012


You see my heart is deeply saddened to hear about this recent development. I cant forget the first time Gala came out. that sh** was like candy to me. Almost everyday on my way to school, I swear I dey buy up to five. As in I was so addicted to gala eh....and I'm sure some of una had this same experience too :)

I no go lie when I was coming to school in Yankee, the things that I knew I was going to miss dearly was my Cabin biscuit, Gala, and indomie. But the good thing was that you could buy cabin and indomie for African stores for here. But you will hardly see gala in any store, since it has to be eaten while fresh.

Even sef when dem been increase gala to N50, that thing been make me vex scatter ohh. I remember one of my guyzes even calling me to tell me about the news (cos dem been know say I no dey carry my gala play back then….ha ha)
And now N70? Come on nah.....for wetin nah? why this people just dey f**k up sef? Now dem go come talk say na subsidy cause am shey?
Infact Gala don fall my hand finish. Even when I was back in Naija last yr, I didnt eat gala as much as I used to. This na because I been notice say dem no dey put enough meat inside as before. I noticed this cos it wasn’t as tasty as before. So I decided to buy one gala and perform surgery on am. As I just open inside, to my greatest surprise, the meat wey dem put no even reach half of my pinky finger. As in ehhn, dem for don kukuma dey sell us only the bread-looking part nah....cos no damn meat was inside that thing. I was so disappointed juo.

I can strongly say that gala was much tastier and richer when it was N20. But it just lost its quality after it went to N50. So now I just dey wonder wetin im go dey taste like now they increased it to N70.

Anyways ThankGod there's something called "alternative" shaa. I tried “chivitas superbite” in Naija, and I must say that theirs was way better than gala...enough meat full the thing scatter ehh.....and very soft (yeah I like my gala looking white and very soft. I'm sure all the hawkers wey I don buy gala from go dey vex for me cos I like to go through that their carton well well in order to pick out the whitest, freshest and softest looking ones ;)
I guess a lot of people will be joining the chivita superbite band wagon, since its way better than gala now...and its still N50. The only people I feel for are the gala hawkers. But I'm sure the smart ones will also have Chivita in that their carton too :)
Maybe now na only the people wey dey work for gala go come dey buy, dey chop their own product

You see its so unfortunate that the quality of most of our home made products (regardless of their industry) often decline, instead of improving.....and I wonder why...oops I'm lying....Cos I totally forgot thats how we do in Naija ;)

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