Thursday, February 16, 2012


"Governor Rochas Okorocha of Imo State has directed that the salaries of the Commissioner for Finance, John Okafor, and the Permanent Secretary in the ministry, Uchenna Eche, be suspended for allegedly delaying the payment of salaries of some local government workers and teachers." Okorocha, who also announced that his administration would begin paying N100, 000 to students of the Imo State University on Tuesday, warned that his administration would no longer tolerate sharp practices by some of his aides, who he said were in the habits of lodging the salaries of workers in the bank for an accumulated interest.

As in this guy na real action governor oh. My guy is really here to work, and not to chop like other a**holes. I knew he will def make a great impact in Imo State as soon as he entered office though. Just in a short while in office, he has done a lot of positive things in Imo state. And he's doing everything possible to make his state have the best educational system in Naija. You see if Naija could have about 10 governors like this dude, I swear our country will never be the same again. As in almost everybody in Imo State loves him cos he listens to his people. We all know he's targeting that presidential seat, and that’s why he's trying to improve on his scorecard. But at the end of the day, all that matters is that he’s doing a lot of positive stuff for his state..period!!

I hear a lot of people on blogs and sh** always bashing him, talking about him being a big spender, and all his previous actions will come back to hurt him and his State...and blah blah blah blah. Well I got something for all you people criticizing him...."go put your fingers in your buttholes." At least the man is doing something positive for his state, and that’s all that matters. We are in a country were majority of our governors are only looking out for their personal interest, as well as enriching their crew. So why start criticizing a guy who's making positive moves then? You see that’s the problem we have in Naija, and we will never grow with this type of attitude wey we get. If our governors thief money, we go complain...and even when we come get any governor wey decide to spend the govt money on his people, we go still complain...which kind human beings we be sef? According to one of my guy, "We Nigerians have become so engrossed and use to deprivement and enslavement, to the extent that any goodwill from govt now looks strange and tagged with ulterior motive"...HA HA ....which is absolutley true tho.

Anyways Uncle okorocha Nothing do you jare. I dey with you all the way, and I pray for you to never fall our hand :)



  1. who said he is not there to chop?he is also there to chop like every other person and how u and me would do if we were in the position..the only difference is that he is chopping with he chop he day do something better so that everybody and him go day chop together...shikena..

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