Thursday, September 22, 2011


Okay so I'm sure most of us have heard about the whole rape incident that occurred in Abia State University. I heard 5 guys lured a girl into a room and raped her turn by turn….and she was screaming, pleading, and all that stuff. And to even make matter worse, the guys recorded such sh**. The news has even gone internationally, but yet our government has insisted that the whole thing was a hoax?!!! And what still surprises me the most is that none of the perpetrators have been arrested. This case needs to be taken seriously, if not sh** like this will continue to take place in our society you know.....and before you know it, our future daughters will also fall victims of such unacceptable act. How 5 men go just dey like this, rape 1 chick for over 1 hr, and no one came out to her rescue or so? I no just understand ohh.

We don’t investigate violation cases based on what people put on twitter. When a crime is reported, the DPO must send detectives to investigate the scene of the crime. Up till now have you seen the victim? Have you seen the scene of crime? Have you seen the suspects? It is a very dangerous rumour that must be dismissed by all good meaning Abians and Nigerians” - Bala Hassan, Commissioner of police Abia State

Okay, as much as I'm always against Naija police, I'm still good friends with a couple of their top officers whom I know are really nice and educated as well. And Hassan is among one of my closest police pals. He's known as the best police commissioner in Naija and he's been sent to crazy places states like Benin, Delta, Rivers and now Abia...cos he has a reputation of doing a good job anywhere he goes. But I dont think he said the right thing at all in this case at all... Him and some of his colleagues will be coming to NY to visit me next month after they conclude their police conference in Chicago....and I must definitely bring this case up to him...cos i didn’t expect him to say such thing. This is not the Bala that I know for real :(

I for like see this video tape wey people dey talk about shaa....But at the end of the day, whether there's a video or not, at the end of the day, a girl was raped mercilessly in a university, for that matter…and those individuals involved in this crime should be sentenced to life. Period.

Everytime it must be one negative news or another that must come out of Naija. I cant even remember the last good news that came out of that country. What a shame.


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