Tuesday, September 6, 2011


So this is supposedly the guy that did the suicide bombing of the UN building in Abuja which killed about 23 peeps. so my main question be this: How on earth did this tout manage to pass the gate of the building? Cos mere looking at him alone, you don't need a prophet to tell you say this guy na major criminal :(

You see this Boko Haram peeps are mad funny. You say you are against anything from the Western world, but yet na them dey patronize Western good pass. I remember when they caught their leader, they found enogh laptops, tv and other electronic stuff for im house. So who's actually deceiving who ehhn? Even see as this my guy dey even rock this correct polo shirt. No be Western product? My guy for kukuma wear "tye n' die" shirt...or not even wear cloth at all. Then we go know say dem dey really fight against western culture.

This just reminded me of one church like that wey we been dey go back in da days. Me and the pastor were kool. So sometimes this fool will come out and tell peeps that he's doing full 7 days fasting...no food, no water. Na so im go dey do like person wey wan die...im congregation go just dey pity am, dey pray for am. But neither did they know that this my guy dey even chop pass them after church services. And yes I said it. Cos I caught him one day when he was swallowing better pounded yam and edikaiko soup....And the fool had the nerves to look at me, laughed, and told me to come join him to break his fasting. And I was like "Pator Ogbon I thought your fasting was supposed to end this coming sunday. And he was like "yes ohh, but I have to take something to get energy and preach. You know say this work we dey do no easy."
You see that's why I don't like all these people that take religion to another level. Cos majority of them are just some bunch of fake a** hypocrites. ...smchew!!

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