Thursday, September 22, 2011


I've always told my peeps that one of the major problems we have in the black community is Jealousy...and the Headquarters of Jealousy is located in Naija. And this na very major reason why we black people can never move forward on this planet. You do smth better than your peer, jealousy go start. You fine pass your friend, jealousy go start. You come back from overseas, jealousy go start. You dey make money pass your peers, jealousy go start. Infact nothing wey person go do for Naija wey another person no go jealous you. Even sef, if your shit smell pass another person shit, dem go jelous you. How pathetic. And na our females sabi jealous pass. Even if na you ugly pass, people wey fine go still dey jealous your ugliness :)
I remember when me and my wife went to Naija in 09', majority of the women that saw her were just staring continuously, frowning their face, looking at her up and down. (u know how Naija girls dey look their fellow women up and down nah..ha ha ..that sh** be mad annoying ehh) It was so bad that she quickly noticed it and felt so so uncomfortable going out. Na so she go dey ask me everytime "why is it that some of your women look angry when they see me"?  and my answer (as usual) na "Babay U don see am nah..welcome to Naija." Even as we dey come back Yankee, for Lagos airport, the hungry female security workers just dey give her attitude anyhow like say na crime as she come Naija with her husband. I just felt so bad for her during that our trip ehh. And that's one big reason why she doesnt feel comfortable yet moving to Naija. Cos almost everyone one the street just look mad angry, frustrated, and ready to eat their fellow man/woman alive. (but all that one she dey talk na long thing shaa..cos at the end of the day, she must come back my land, come follow other Naija women dey pound pepper inside motar...ha ha )

Yeah so according to what I heard, this girl (ontop) was poured hot oil by another woman (below)...out of jealousy ohh...Am I surprised? NAH!!! if u look well well sef, the girl wey pour her the oil resemble one kind evil creature like that wey i dey think of....YES I GOT IT....she resemble "Smeagol" for "Lord of the rings." All you need do na to take that wig off her head, and you go see wetin I dey talk about :)

But people really get mind ohh...pour your fellow person hot oil, water acid. all just to disfigure the person face for life. That's to show you how wicked some human beings are. Abeg if you have any friend that show some kind of jealousy towards you, better dey careful and keep that person at arm's length jare...before dem fry you like this poor babe here.   Girls make una take time ohh, cos I dont like it and dont find this sexy at all :(


  1. LMAO! Ur soo funny! but trust me I can so relate to your wife's experience.
    Omo this last xmas in naija was an adventure to say the very least but the agbero in me was my strength.
    But this wan wey babes don dey fry each other anyhow sha.. Na wa.

    This story is all kinds of annoying. I don't even care what the babe did or didn't do. She deserves to get fried as well. "Sorry" just wouldn't do.

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