Friday, September 16, 2011


So the UN wants to recommend China's one child policy to Naija.?
UN? One child policy ko? For Naija Ke?   HA HA HA ....I no fit laugh jare.

Last week, after meeting with Nigeria’s new president, liberal economist Jeffrey Sachs told Agence France Presse (AFP): “I am really scared about population explosion in Nigeria. It is not healthy. Nigeria should work towards attaining a maximum of three children per family.”   .......foolish man....Afraid never start to catch you yet ohh!! ha ha

Yes Naija's population is getting out of control. But on the other hand, I just cant see this thing working in Naija for real. In China, Yes!!! But Naija, mmm mmm... ehn ehn... mba.. lye lye

Okay check this out.....Imagine telling a yoruba woman woman say make she no born pass one pikin??  :(
She go break your head first before she even start to ask why?

But I do see where the UN is coming from shaa.....Cos I believe the more kids in a family, the more ppoverty level increases tho. Imagine all those people wey dey born up to 10 pikin for village, and money no go even for them to go school. Ideally, I think having 2 kids would be the best tho, cos this way you will be able to invest well in them, cater to their needs, as well as giving them a solid foundation.
But all that one na talk shaa.....Cos as far as me personally dey concerned, I've been made up my mind that I want 4 kids. Period! whether money dey ohh, or im no dey..i don talk my own finish.

But Yeah, I believe people should have the number of kids they can afford shaa. Cos come to think about it, raising up kids these days are mad expensive jare. I remember seeing my baby picture, and na napkin (with a big saftey pin holding it) wey i been dey wear. At least if you shit for am, all they need do is wash it, dry it, and put it back on your a** again. But these days, na diapas wey babies dey use, and that sh** is not cheap at all. Then come think of nusery, primary and secondary school fees ke?..and we never even talk about university ohh...Chai.  Infact i'm beginning to think twice about this four pikins wey I dey talk about sef.  Cos I no want situation wey I go hear say my pikin thief person provision for school because I no been get money to buy for am. ( I remember stealin provision back in school be because of poverty ohh...just that i was hungry. my boarding school peeps know what I'm talking about na...ha ha)

Anyways UN, I somehow support una talk shaa. But until then, make una tell our government to provide all the basic amenitites for us..and they should also provide lots of employment opportunities too. Cos if man dey unemployed, and dey im house on a 24/7basis, wetin else you expect am to do, other than humping his wife :(
And no be like say our peeps dey use condom well well in order to prevent unwanted pregnancy. Cos I know say a lot of pregnancies for Naija wasnt planned at all. Therefore there are millions of us that are not even supposed to be existing in the first place :)    Some of us should have been swallowed...ha ha ha

Well, since God didnt give man any limitation on how many seeds he can spread, then who is UN to tell us to reduce our population ke? Good idea by them, but until then, make dem come hold our prick nah :)


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  1. lmao!u r juz a waste...............0chi atoo gbuola m eh