Tuesday, September 6, 2011

BUSINESS AS USUAL..............................

These are some of the idiots that have made life unbearable to innocent people like us who are outside the country...destroying our reputation up down left right center. These vagabonds were recently caught at the Lagos Int'l airport, trying to smuggle drugs out of Naija.....to FREAKING MALAYSIA OF ALL PLACES KE!!

It’s just crazy to hear about what we Naija peeps do in order to make this so called money. In Malaysia, if you are caught with drugs, that one na straight death penalty. This one no dey for “abeg nah” or “I go sort you smth.” No negotiation whatsoever. So many Naija peeps have been killed in Malaysia due to drug related issues. And some are on death row, and a lot more are in underground prisons, and will never see any type of sunlight till they die. But yet, we got a lot of strong-headed guys who are ready to get rich or die trying. Anyway shaa wetin concern me. One thing I know for sure be say no situation go ever make me get involved in any drug or fraudulent business. The chicken change is not worth risking one’s life.

Curiously, four Nigerians, Messrs Ugochukwu Emmanuel Innocent, Udeh Innocent Chukwuemeka, Olisa Kelvin Chukwuka and Mgbeajuo Alex Chigozie, perhaps, out of sheer greed or ignorance, would have added to the numbers of persons executed by hanging in the Asian country for allegedly trafficking in hard drugs.The suspects were rounded up at the Murtala Mohammed International Airport, Ikeja, Lagos recently having been profiled to have ingested substances that tested positive for amphetamine weighing 5.715kgs.

God bless them say na for Naija wey dem catch them. And I'm so so so sick sick sick and tired of hearing all these suspects talking about "na poverty wey cause me to enter this business. Its the work of the devil."   Nah N***a, devil got nothing to do with your decisions, you greedy muthaf**kers. Go find smth to do...go hawk or sell recharge card...just do smth legal. Jeeez.

Look at their rumpled faces, and look at their names...Chuckwu this, Chukwu that...they all got smth to do with God. What ridiculousness. Igbo peeps ehhn…nawa 4 una ohh
This just reminded me when I took my wife to Naija in 09'. One day she said to me "baby why is it that majority of the igbo names have smth to do with God, but yet you guys are the worst?" and my response was "u don see am nah.!!  :(


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  1. Igbo people are always desperate to make money so that they can show to their ancestors during festive period that they have arrive. GBAM!