Friday, September 16, 2011


In Benin, a 10 yr. old primary 4 girl is suing her teacher for allegedly beating her black and blue with a broom, which resulted to her loosing her left eye in the much? N500 milla!!!!
She was accused of being a witch, and then beaten mercilessly with a cane, then followed by a broom. Why? Because she failed her math assignment.

You see, I've always known that Naija is a jungle, but its like most of the wild animals have decided not to go on extinction for some reason. Yes, discipline is part of our culture. But we always take things to the extreme. I remember in my primary school (shout out to all my Bereton, PH peeps jare) teachers be flogging us like say we thief something. Like Damn yo. I forgot to do my assignment, or I came 3 mins late to class, or I failed the test...and that’s why u wan flog me die? Nawa Ohh. And wetin I dey tell you no be small flog ohh. As in when dem flog you with that big fat cane for your nyash ehn, you go even come dey feel the pain for your throat area join. True talk tho. I'm sure anybody that went to Bereton primary school can surely attest to what I'm saying :) And the crazy thing be say most of our parents seem to support the teachers. My mum loved the fact that we were being disciplined thoroughly, but my papa no been support that mess at all. I remember he always told me if any teacher flogs me unnecessarily, make I tell am. But I never did because I know who my papa be. Big black former pro boxer, 6ft 4 inches, 300 pounds, with im very hot temper join? No nah...I know wan hear say na me make dem kill one hungry a** teacher for school compound jare.
But on the real, Something needs to be done about the way we dey carry this education thing for head shaa
Everytime I just pray for our country and hoping that one day we will end some of these crazy mentalities that we have. Did she fail her test because she's a witch? Even if she is, who send the teacher to go dey use broom to flog the witchcraft commot for the girl body? I dont just get it!!!

You see this na the problem I get with Naija education. Teachers go wan beat you die until you learn am by force.....without them forgetting say no be everybody go excel for education. This na the problem I been dey get with my mama, but thankGod she's beginning to change tho. As she came last month to visit her grandson, na so she go dey talk say "he will go to Havard and become the best lawyer or doctor." ….. and I told her straight up "mummy if you want make me and you enjoy this vacation wey you come so, no come dey tell me about this whole doctor lawyer or education thing abeg". Maybe you fit go tell that one to my younger brothers when dem born their own pikin". This is my son and I hope to get him involved in a variety of things like education, sports, acting etc. And whichever one I see him enjoying the most, and having great potentials in excelling, then that’s where I'll invest in and give him my support to the fullest. Every time doctor lawyer engineer doctor lawyer doctor lawyer doctor medicine medicine medicine....SHOO!!! .na the only thing wey we sabi. Yet we no get common good hospitial or judiciary system for Naija. Sick and tired of that bullsh**.

As far as I dey concerned, N500 milla is even small sef. . Cos at the end of the day, the chick has lost her sight, and nothing can bring it back. Period! At least this one go make all those so called local teachers sit up. Infact ehn, if to say I be the girl parent, I for even sue the Naija government for allowing the continuous brutalization of kids in schools... Like come on nah, it freaking 2011. I do plan to send my children to Naija to go do some years of their primary school there (since I want them to get a good taste of their papa land, and also know say life no be just milk and sugar..ha ha ) And God bless that teacher wey go make mistake put mark for my pikin body. Infact I no go even talk anything sef. Its one of those things I don’t wish to happen…but at the same time I kinda want it to happen, so that I go use that person as scape goat….so that all those other local teachers across Naija go take note.
I know say una dey feel that last flow…"scape goat" “take note” Chai….this Alex guy too much ehh…haha ;)

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