Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Ok check this out. So 16 illegal refineries were just discovered in Abia State. As in 16 eh. But damn, people get liver ohh. How people take manage build illegal refineries all this while, and na now wey govt just dey find out (me sef even know say these things don dey for a while sef). Sometimes you gats respect Naija man jare, cos I think the criminality in us is way advanced than other people in other countries. Just as I said some months ago, I believe we Naija peeps all have some sort of criminality inside us...But it all depends on the individual, and the kind of level they would want to take it to ;) ha ha

Vice President, Health Sector and Corporate Affairs, Mr. Tony Attah in a statement to Vanguard, weekend, said: “The scale of crude oil theft in the area was alarming. Aside from revenue loss to government and other stakeholders, significant portions of the stolen crude are spilled, blighting large swathes of the ecosystem.

Well, Mr Tony I got four words for you.....COME SUCK MY BALLS!!!! Wetin my guy sabi about ecosystem? What even pisses me off is when these touts come on tv and try to act and talk all intelligent and sh**. I wonder who they trying to fool shaa. The time you taking to bash these people, would have been a good time for you to urge our government to repair our refineries that have been bad for some years now. Isn’t it shameful enough to know that the so called Giant of Africa is actually importing crude oil till today??????? All because our government have been incapable of maintaining our already existing refineries. Does that even make sense??????? You see, situations like this actually make me believe that some of these our so called leaders are baboons in human body.

If our legal refineries no dey work, then why government come dey complain about the illegal ones huh? Matter of fact, our government should even be giving kudos to the people who set up these various illegal refineries, and learn from them too. Afterall this whole oil oil oil wey we dey talk about, no be all of us get am? yes nah :) Wish I could even open one sef :)


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