Monday, September 12, 2011


So I dont know if you guys heard about one bomb-like material that was found last week in an office somewhere in the busy part of Ikeja. So one of my padi who was within the area when the thing happened, called me and gave me betta gist about wetin been happen. He told me he never knew Naija peeps love  their life so much, until that day when that thing been happen. As in both government workers ohh, and even people wey been come do business around that area been scampeh for their lives. As in no be small run ohh. Im talk say everybody tear race sotey some people been forget say dem even carry motor come that area sef. Even the police people wey been dey control traffic around that area, na them even first everybody run. Shey everybody think say na Usain Bolt sabi run pass?...I hear say that day some people been possibly break im world record sef...ha ha :)

So it later made news, and when I was reading about it, I then found out that sometimes ehhn, this our news people sabi add too much jara just to spice up the story. Okay lemme just give you an example. In one part of the article I read, this was what they said:

Policemen from the Bomb Disposal Unit, it was gathered, promptly arrived the council secretariat and directed that all vehicles be removed from the premises, as they searched for the substance, which they later discovered ....... But my friend been tell me say na the olokpa peeps wey been dey around the area been run pass everybody sef .... and it took a while for the so called bomb squad to come.....ha ha

Anyways first of all, thankGod it wasnt a bomb shaa.
But HA HA ...una dey see how dem take add that word "promptly" just to make am be like say our police peeps are always around to do their job...dem don turn to SWAT shey? We all know the best phrase to replace that "promptly" should be "1hr later."  Cos I still no know who these touts dey try decieve.....Bomb Disposal Unit ke?  ha ha nothing wey we no go hear for Naija. If these touts called police dont even have common O level certificate, then why should I beleive that they are capable of disposing a knockout, talkless of bomb ke.  And secondly, why did the article say that they were searching for the substance ke? If I'm not mistaken, I heard that some people saw the bomb-like material, and that was how they raised the alarm. So why were our bomb squad still searching for a bomb-like material that had already been found???????????????  Ok I get it. Either the person that wrote the article, or the Olokpa bomb squad, were high or smth. I'll say probably the polic squad.......since they never do anything right..ha ha :)
Even when dem reach there, I just been dey try imagine wetin dem been do sef. I guarantee you say dem been carry one kind long stick (those types dem dey use pluck udara and mango) dey chook the so called bomb here and there..... from 40 feet away ohh...ha ha

I've always asked people what's the first thing you would do if you are given the opportunity to become the president of Naija......Some say "providing 24/7 electricity," Some say "providing good roads"  others say "bringing all the previous corrupt leaders to justice"...I hear a lot of good intentions, while some foolish ones will say blah blah blah blah.
As for me, As soon as I'm sworn in as a president, the next day, I'm scrapping out every single human being in the Nigerian police force, and starting all over from the scratch. Minimum requirement will be an Associate degree, Minimum monthly salary would be N80k, coupled with great benefits too.
THEN LET US SEE IF THIS SO CALLED CORRUPTION IS REALLY INEVITABLE!!!  thank me, Mr. Presido Alex...You all are welcome :)

....and did I forget to add that I'll very very quickly change that freaking ugly a** black on black bullsh** uniform that they wear...that sh** is an eyesore for real :)


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