Tuesday, September 27, 2011

WHAT JUST HAPPENED??????????????????

Okay so I dont know why this happened. But something like this shouldn't have happened in the first place. Even if something like this was to happen, dont you think the lady would have felt some sort of discomfort, and checked to see what was happening to her? But I guess not!!! Cos it clearly looks like while this was happening, the victim was oblivious of what had happened to her. Thereby she couldnt do anything about what had just happened. And now it has happened...and we can all testify that for the first time in our lives, we have just seen the picture of a lady who's pinky toe was comfortably and proudly hanging out of her pinky shoes!! And this only happened in our generation. We are all witnesses..me, you , all of us :(


  1. LWKMDROTFL. Are we sure that's someone's leg? cos it doesn't look right. I actually looked at the pic for about 2min and i think she has two left feet. (God forgive me).

  2. very funny.... at first i thought it was comedy but looking at the pics twice something is definitely not right. chizys-spyware@blogspot.com

  3. Too funny...lmao
    Maybe that pinky toe was implanted so she can't feel any pain or discomfort there.....lwkmd...
    i mean any normal person will feel something...except she was high with different combination of stuff....lol

  4. I'm confused...my assumption is that it's the right leg, hence the right pinky toe. But...why is it on the INSIDE of both legs? Shouldn't it be on the right side of the foot? I'M CONFUSED! :-/