Monday, September 12, 2011


So I hear say the Central Bank of Nigeria recently talk say anybody wey abuse the Nation's currency note go enter Sanko six months or pay fine of 50K.
But come to think about be today wey our government start to dey make this kind threat nah. This is probably the 100th time I've heard this in my whole life, and yet I never see one person wey dem arrest because of abusing our Naira. One thing about Naija be say dem go bring out law, but dem no go enforce am lye lye. But on the real tho, we really need to respect our currency jare. And make I no lie, I'm guilty of this kind of crime....and I'm sure all of us are be only me juo :)

I just dey remember back in da days during our secondary school period, I cant remember anyone who actually treated the Naira note in a good way. After buying something, when dem give you your change, you go just squeeze the money put inside your pocket. The worst na when you dey inside bus, when conductor give you change, no time to dey find your wallet nah....just fold/squeeze that paper and carry go. Infact I hardly saw anyone with a wallet to put their money inside...cos our wallet was our pocket...ha ha. And we don squeeze these naira notes sotey some of dem go dey like something wey dem wash with omo. There were sometimes when person go give me change, and when I look at the money, I'm like "wetin be this wey you dey give me?"   and the person's response would be "O boy na person give me this money, so if you no want am, then leave am nah" (all those bus conductors with their gra-gra)

But you see everything changes drastically when you travel out of Naija. Ever noticed how you treat other currencies with respect? I bet you say you cant even remember the last time you squeezed a dollar, pounds or any other foreign currency inside your pocket. Na so we dey treat these foreign currencies like our pikin. Even when you see another person dey squeeze am, you sef go even get the audacity dey ask the person why im dey fold that money like that......ha ha. Even sef some of us wey no been know wetin wallet be, come even get wallet dey put your money inside, in a very gentle and respectful way. Those of una wey dey live outside Naija, can you ever think of a time wey person give you change, and you tell the person say make im give you another one, cos the former get as im be? barely!!! I remember in 09' when I went to Naija to do that irrelevant NYSC bullsh** (I been do am cos my mama been dey force me shaa....ha ha ) I met this guy who came from Yankee too...and everytime this dude brings his wallet out, na so so crispy clean dollar bills you go dey see...all of the notes looking very clean and unrumpled. But when me and this dude go buy something to chop, when dem give am back im change, na so im go just squeeze that naira note put inside im pocket. And as a guy wey no dey hide my mouth, na im I just tell am one day "O boy see as you dey squeeze that hunduras (N100), but you just dey treat all that one one dollar for you wallet like say na N1milla wey you carry."  After that, my guy no come dey yan with me like before....and me too no really send at all too, cos as long as say you no dey pay my bills, or buy pampas wey my pikin go wear, then I no send for you once you start acting shady to me :)

As I said earlier I dey very guilty of this offense too, especially back in da days. But ever since I don dey live for Yankee, I've really learnt a lot, and I always try as much as possible to implement all that was imparted in me whenever I dey Naija. Thats the reason why onyibo man dey give us visa to come school for their land...gather as much positive information as you can, then come back to your freaking country and implement them. If person wey dey Naija dey squeeze our Naira note on a steady basis...and me wey come from Yankee follow dey squeeze our Naira too....then I for kukuma no travel come school for Yankee in the first place nah. But I can proudly say I havent disrespected our Naria note for over five yrs now, and I'm proud of myself :)
HOW ABOUT YOU?????????????  Come on guys, lets all make a difference and treat our currency with respect and care.
That no still commot the fact say our Naira  currency dey useless shaa :)


  1. To be sincere i hv never squeeze or rumple the naira notes before. It has always make me feel sad when i see people doing it. Even if i enter a bus and i was given a rumpled note, the conductor or those sitting close by will always see me stretch out d rumpled note and lay it very well in my purse. Not because am honoring a damn note, but because i feel it is the right thing to do.

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