Wednesday, September 14, 2011


R.I.P to Nwaozo Obiajulu, AKA Mc Loph, the man behind my wife's favorite Naija song "Osndi Owendi." Dude had an accident on the Ore/Benin road. And the most painful part of the whole story is that he was on his way to his traditional wedding. Come on nah. It doesnt get worse than that :(

This same Ore/Benin road is definitely one of the most dangerous roads in Naija, and the road dey chop people head on a daily basis. But yet our government have refused to do anything about that road for more than a decade now. Ofcourse our so called leaders dont give a sh**, since na only plane dem dey use even reach their village dommot. I'm sure everyone of us know someone, or have heard about someone who has lost their life in an auto crash in Naija, as a result of the bad roads.

This death sef ehhn. I dont know why it keeps on taking our entertainers away so early. Why not our politicians? Cos I know a hand full of them that dont need to be breathing right now.

Roads, Hospitals, schools, police, securtity, electricity. All these factors play the major role in the development of a country. And we have always had F9 in all of them. And I still wonder why we claim to be the giant of Africa.....what a failed nation!!!!

Nwannem may your soul rest in peace jare :(


  1. No. This death is getting too much. How can a man die on his traditional wedding day? How sad can that be? I have never heard about this man but this is just too sad.May his soul rest in peace.