Tuesday, March 23, 2010


It's no longer news that Goodluck Jonathan, the acting President of this geographical mass called Nigeria, sacked all the Ministers last week ( i just love the word 'sacked', it's better than fired), lol...
anyways, am happy that people like Aliero Adamu fmr Fct. minister, Sam Egwu, Ojo Maduekwe, Achike Udenwa (why were they ministers in the first place?), and a host of others are now as jobless as i am... :)...lol.. (i know say them get money, bt at least all off us no get work).
Since he took that action, there have been a lot of mixed reactions as expected. while a lot of nigerians are happy with the development, some people have criticised him and even accused him of being unconstitutional (na so so grammer we dey blow for naija).
Perhaps the most vocal of this critics is a man named Tanko Yakassai (who be dat?). I didn't know who he was either, until this whole Yar'adua fiasco and the man has been popping out everywhere.Apart from Turai, he seems to be the only visible member of this so-called cabal or kitchen cabinet.
This Yar'adua yes man, used to be a Presidential adviser on national assembly matters (*sigh*), i don't know under whom he served, bt it says former.
This man is one of those that have openly criticised Goodluck and he insists that Baba go slow is recovering and fit enough to rule us.
His recent antic was writing a letter to the all 109 senators in the national assembly, asking them to stop the screening of the ministerial nominees. This man has filed a lawsuit against Jonathan's swearing in as the acting president of nigeria. (where otapiapia dey abeg?).
This letter was sent last night to the senators and it caused quite a stir.
On the other hand, Goodluck has sent 25 names  out of the 42  needed to the national assembly for screening.


I have seen the names, and right now i can't say anything.
Let's just watch and see how the drama of Nigeria unfolds and i hope our nollywood people are taking note, cos this one reach part 20!

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