Saturday, March 27, 2010


Yesterday, the US court in North Carolina convicted our own brother Ugochukwu Enwerem and brother Kent Okojie for Yahoo Yahooing about 18 of victims resulting to more than $9.5million.
Both men sent spam emails to their victims telling them they had won a lottery or inherited a large sum of money, and blah blah blah blah (we Naija peeps all know how it goes). You see It's so funny how people still fall for this stuff. I been think say this style don reign pass self. But i guess the trap still dey catch bush meat here and there ehh. Anyways one thing for sure is that both chairmen will be spending some good time in prison, and will be  immediatly sent back to Naija on a free air ticket. How awesome....

On another News, 43 yr old Osayuri Eduwen was arrested by US customs and border for providing a fake US passport and documents. Okay he almost got away with it, but guess what F*** him up???...his DAMN ACCENT. This fool  told the officers that he was a US citizen born in NY. But when they noticed his thick heavy accent, that raised questions, cos someone who claims to be born and bred in NY shouldnt have such ibotic accent.

Lesson 1: If you enter the US when you from 25yrs and up, its almost impossible to learn and have a Yankee accent.....Sorry, its not happening!!!
Lesson2: If you find yourself in such encounter with Immigration peeps, best way is to just act def and dumb. Period!!!

In th UK, one of our Naija brothers, Mr Issac Mathews was sentenced to 6 yrs in prison for  a 6 million Pounds Mortgage scam. Another Mr. Victor Ayinde, who is on-the-run, led a mortgage gang which scammed up to 8 million pounds in 6 weeks....DAYUM

Finally back in our home turf, One Naija guy was sentenced to 10yrs for frauding an Australian for $100,000...chai....Na im own worse pass self....stealing just $100k, and chillin in Kiri doesnt get any worse than that.

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  1. Oh boy...nah all those people wey them dey get plus this Yahooze deal, nah so so greed dey grab those people too. You never spend money for lottery but someone email you say you don win $18million you don make happy. Dem all dey craze...yahooze go never die cos idiots dey wey them just want make quick money!!
    Omo by the way, I get a bucket of gold for house, make you bring only $100,000 come collect bi family now!