Friday, March 19, 2010


Okay these clowns are coming to New York. Not bad Not bad. Well hopefully they will be able to make it down here without any excuses. Dont get me wrong, Timaya is one of my favorite Naija artist of all time...but i dont know bout the other two tho.

If I could remember when I was in England Last year October, Timaya was suppose to perform in a club in Birmingham, and the whole thing was all hyped up n' sh**. We even had to get tickets in advance, and at the end of the day, Timaya no come show ehh. And the organizers telling us Bull crap like "Sorry Timaya will be here soon, their car tire bursted on their way here" Only to later find out that Timaya couldnt make it to England for the show.
Na so these peeps turn us to Maga.

Anyways back to this beautiful flyer here. If I'm not mistaking, "do i actually see $175 for VIP and $300 for ALL ACCESS?"

FOR WETIN NAH? Well, that $300 better include a private pickup limo from your house to the club; drink anything you want for free; access to everywhere in the club including male and female bathroom; and finally being able to physically touch our Egberi-papa and Yori Yori kids in all appropriate and inappropriate places, without them complaining (that one's strictly for the ladies and gay naija boys)

Anyways, I guess "Money aint a thang" for some Naija boys eh....esp those Yahoo-Yahoo ones, and others wey their papa don thief Gov't money all know yourselves ;)  And the others that will do everything humanly possible in order to make sure they pay that $300 and get noticed.

You see i kinda like these so called organizers. They know how to get some Naija boys to spend money ehh. You see how they already posted the flyer a month earlier,  so as to mount pressure on some of our immature Naija boys to start saving their money from now. This way they gonna show up prepared, dressed to impress, and ready to pop champagne without any excuses

I have an idea. Instead of you guys spending $300 on tickets, and additional hundreds, and even thousands of dollars on drinks....why dont you guys use that money and pay some bills, give to the homeless, Or even give it to me so I can help you invest or smth :)

Anyways make una enjoy shaa. I go dey with una in spirit on that day....


  1. Why you dey vex? Is it your money?

  2. my bros i no dey vex at all. thats why me dey try see how i go do collabo with any of them :)