Thursday, March 18, 2010


It just doesn't get any better than this. If I could recall some yrs ago, some group of touts/turned politicans were involved in a fist fight which was aired nationally. Although they were disgraced badly, I guess some peeps didnt still learn from their lesson.

Yesterday, Honorable Bello Ahmed Agwara and Honorable Ibrahim Abubakar Magayaki (both members of Niger State house of Assembly) decided to bring out the animality in them.
It all started out as an argument about a topic being reviewed in the house meeting (which I really don't care about). Then there was exchange of words between both girls...Ooops i meant men.... and before you know it, Person don tear first punch ehh, and the fight started. But other members rushed to separate them.

Smchew why did they even separate them self...I don't even know why people keep on separating fights these days. I wish they should have left them to fight till they tear of their 1500 and go home butt naked.

Pls Naija Govt start appointing people who are well educated, professional, well mannered and seasoned enough to represent our respective communities and constituencies. I don tire for all these Hooligans and Vagabonds that use connections and election rigging processes to get into office.

Hopefully both kids will learn their lesson after they come back from their suspension. Thats if they were actually suspended self, cos Mehn, anything is possible in Naija.

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