Tuesday, March 30, 2010


This is getting serious ohh. Like play Like play, one day we go dey see intense workout sessions for our African movies.....Well now i guess we in the crawling stage, but one day i bet u we go start to dey even fly self.

Anyways this scene was from a Ghana/Naija collabo film "heartz of Men" which is now said to be a controversial movie. Only bcos the actors were bold enough to strip ..lol. And guess the best part of it all? The actors involved in this scenario did it for FREE :)

Funny thing is that a lot of people are condemning the movie due of the nudity involved. Well I got one word for all of them...HYPOCRITES!!! Cos they are the same people that secretly watch porns behind closed doors....be it papa or pikin
I think its about time we start having some nudity, as well as good, almost real sex scenes in our movies so that it would def become more interesting:) Cos as for me, I'm sick and tired of same old black magic, church, blood money, or cloth on cloth, or fake romance movies. You dont have to agree with me tho

Still trying to figure out what that girl is trying to do behind the guys back. if u have an idea, pls let me know abeg


  1. u need to see this guy's hairy butt in the movie, it was so disgusting...lol...apparently the movie has 2 names, in the naija market its Forbidden Fruit.
    after watching it, i wondered wat fruit was forbiden. Hearts of men is a better name, cos there was alot of deception in d movie...

  2. did you forget to see there are 3 people on this picture.. he is into some"one" not thing just.and i think she is onto thinking onto it and them.. perhaps she want to play.. as she got no clothes on.. allmost. or she cryyy oohhhhhh why did you now chose her or something. it is a nolywood movie i guess. and i also aggree actually in that it would be really nice to see some more reality made movies. other than the old woodoo kingdom come prince and snake shipshaping to goat.. and all that. dont mistake i think they are funny but also after a while.. it would be fresh air to see something else. like reality.