Thursday, March 18, 2010


So far, Muammar Gaddafi is the only guy who has been bold enough to come out and suggest that Nigeria should be split into two regions, in order to avoid more repeated bloodshed across the country.
Although this krase man is fond of making controversial statements, I still believe he kinda makes sense on this topic tho.

All of a sudden, Senate President David Mark and some of his corrupt colleagues have already started attacking my uncle Gaddafi for making such remarks. The truth hurts ehh

I know they running their dirty mouths just for their own selfish interest. Although I don't fully support my uncle Gaddafi's suggestion, I still commend him for at least coming up with a solution. Unlike Senator Mark and co. who are barking like a bunch of wounded dogs, and yet haven't presented any helpful solution to the present situation in our country, starting from the constitutional failure to religious violence..

Uncle Gaddafi go on with your bad self jare.... nothing do you ehh


  1. Well, due to the recent happenings in Nigeria involving the religious crises between Christians and Muslins, I support the motion that Nigeria should either be divided by religious regions or be united by One language (Pigin English). We need to solve this pressing issue about religion in Nigeria because its religion and language differences that really separates Nigeria as a country. When we can solve that division and come as ONE, only then can we tackle other issues that keeps the great Nigeria from progressing forward into a fully developed country. Alex Keep the Good Work UP

  2. I concur with uncle Gaddafi in so many ways. Nigeria is too diverse to be a nation.
    Although the Secession of a particular ethnic group would not be the answer to the problem, i feel it would go a long way.
    Nigeria's problem roots out from what makes it a country, so i believe for it to work out in the case of religion: all Nigerians should recognise the presence of various religious groups irrespective of their own. Politically: there should be a transformation(not a revolution) so all those dirty old dogs would go and fresher and younger faces that represent the common Nigerian and with the motive of restoring our country's dignity be in charge(irrespective of religion, better still various ethnicities and religion working together)...

  3. @ Uhegbu, nigeria can't be divided along religious lines... wat will happen to christains in the north and muslims in the south?

  4. @idomagiri..the division wouldnt be the sole solution but as it is right now, it is bringing more dangers than peace. the people that take their religious beliefs so seriously are the uneducated doubt. if we can educate the people and make them believe that we are better of as a country as ONE (United States of Nigeria) then only can we move forward to work together regardless of our religious beliefs.. I know the muslims wouldnt want to see the power being shifted to the christians anytime from now.
    The best choice is for Nigerians to learn to love Nigerians regardless of religion, language or culture. We need to find one ground to agree on as a Nation. My best answer to sloving Nigeria's problem is to educate the people not feeding them with HOPES FROM ABOVE.
    by Felix Uhegbu