Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Okay Here's The Real Story About This Horrible News

Just wanted to make it clear about this crazy disturbing picture that has hit the web for the past two weeks or so. According to Mr. Osayande Idahosa (upper right) who happened to be the driver of the truck that squashed the victims, the incident happened July 31st last year in Ogun State while on his way to go deliver bags of garri. He told Sun Newsmen due to a heavy traffic/go-slow in Ore (as usual nah)  he diverted to a lonely road at night, where he accosted a flashing light from afar. Thinking it was our usual "Oga find us smth" hungry police peeps, he slowed down and also saw what seemed like barricades of logs of wood on the road/korotaa. Unfortunately he never knew he was running into a trap set by armed robbers numbering up to 50. But as my guy come dey hear gun shots and people firing at him, afraid come catch the poor man, so he ran over what he assumed were logs of woods. Somehow he lost control, ran into the bush and jumped out from his truck and escaped into the bush.  Only for him to come back to the incident in the morning and found out he had crushed 19 innocent lives.
The driver of the luxury bus that carried the innocent victims blamed the tragedy on the Bad Road Conditions.
You see back in the good old days when Naija was Naija, a trip from Lagos to Port Harcourt (which includes resting at benin and buying all those correct fresh bread at Sapele area) would last for approximately 7hrs.  But with the recent Bad Road conditions, as well as our lazy local police force having their checkpoint at every 1 mile, we should be looking at a 10hrs trip at least. Every yr in Naija, thousands of lives are lost on the highway as a result of the bad road conditions.

In A Nutshell,
Naija Gov't abeg make una repair our Federal and local roads, and stop awarding these road contracts to idiots who are incapable of performing the job....Jeez
Or i guess not, since the Minister of Transportation, Alhaji Isa Bio and other Gov't officials barely travel by road.....CRIMINALS


  1. wooow, thank you for posting that. crazy what goes on in our country.


  2. Nigeria is crying, can't you hear the crying voice. Every thing is dead in the country, eductaion has failed, health care zero, infrastructure is nothing to write home about.My worry is which direction are we going as a country, are we developing or the opposite of development. Now that we can not even keep the street light that were made in the 60th working in the 21st century. The newly created roads now only have 3 months life spam. Which way Nigeria.