Saturday, March 27, 2010


So Nollywood actor, Mr. Fredrick Akpowene Aseroma was arrested on friday over allegations for battering his wive. What a Fool!! Well I guess this is making news cos it involves an unpopular and unheard of Nollywoood water-boy. He's so unpopular  that you cannot even find his picture on the internet. Anyways back to what i wanted to say. What about all the Niaja women out there (esp in Naija) that are being abused by their husbands on a daily basis huh?

You know i just find this act ridiculous and disturbing at same time because a lot of Naija men do is. And the funny thing about this whole issue be say these Wive Beaters no dey ever do gri-gri whenever dem  they outside with their fellow men ohh. But when dem reach house, dem go dey do John Bull, dey use their wives as punching bag.

All dem Naija Wive beaters out there, Better change ohh, cos Wive Beater = P****  :)
Infact u women self, I no just understand how man go dey beat u everyday, and u go just dey accept am like say you be thief? Cos if to say na me ehn, I for dom kill the man for im sleep since.

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