Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Since last week friday , sources told me that the weather condition in Naija has been very bizarre, especially in Lagos, and the Niger Delta regions. Its so strange that some people actually think that the world is coming to an end any minute from now (u know as some of our Naija peeps dey think nah..so no blame them jare)

Thousands of Nigerians have received text messages, urging them not to go outside when its raining, since the weather was an indication of "Acid Rain" which causes skin cancer. ACID RAIN KE!!!!

This situation has caused many flights across the region to be cancelled. According to the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA), these measures were being taken as part of safety considerations which must always be the priority.

Wait a minute... Is the NCAA really talking about safety being their priority? Since when? Cos if it was, I dont think we would have had so much plane crashes in the past decade; the so called renovated Port Harcourt International Airport still having portholes on its runway; Nepa taking light when planes are about to land; and Air France Plane killing two large naamas while landing on the PH airport runway some yrs ago. NCAA just stop the b.s jare. At the same time I'm very perplexed for you guys being proactive for the first time ever. Hopefully you keep it up.

Anyways my peeps wey dey Naija , make una no fear jare.  Acid rain ohh, snow oh, hail ohh, plague ohh....one thing i know for sure be say we Nigerians are strong and resilient. If u think say I dey lie, go tell agboro make im no commot go work because of acid rain....and you go see wetin im go tell you :)

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  1. since when has acid rain become such a big deal that people have to stay inside? acid rain is just about everywhere. i guess this type that the lagos smog created is on another level hmm...