Sunday, March 21, 2010


I know most of you guys don't know who this chairman here is. But one thing you should know for sure is that he's probably the best news that has happened to Naija in decades.

His name is Enobong Umohette AKA "The Nigerian Gentleman." The Wisconsin based boxer has always been a promising rising star in the US professional boxing. And yesterday, he was declared the new Wisconsin heavyweight Champion by TKO, after knocking out the defending champion, Lyle McDowell in the 7th round.

It wasn't a small fight too ohh. In fact I been hear say Enobong beat Lyle like say the poor man thief something.

So he said he promised his fans that he will continue working hard, in order to aim for the biggest price, "the Heavy Weight Title."

My brother carry go ehh. you have made us very proud. We Nigerians dey believe you, and we dey your back. But just wanted to let you know say heavy weight no be beans shaa. You fit use style ask our Unlce Samuel Peter

Before, it was Uncle Samuel Peter AKA "the Nigerian Nightmare," But now its all about  Enobong Omohette AKA "the Nigerian Gentleman" (and for real tho, who the hell suggests these crazy nicknames for these men)

Shout out to Akwa Ibom State for producing Samuel, Enobong and other future boxing champs coming out from Naija. I would personally suggest a mandatory Boxing class in all primary and secondary schools in the state. Real talk

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