Thursday, March 18, 2010


To my own perspective i think this NECO crap is a joke. I don't really blame people who fail NECO, cos who in their right mind actually studies for NECO Exams? Lets be real here for once. When WAEC is over, the last thing you want to think about is studying for this unpopular exam.

Anyways a Whopping 98% of the 234,682 students who sat for the exam failed to clinch 5 credits, including math and english. DAYUM. 

This is unheard of. I know I wasn't the smartest kid back in my secondary school days, but come on...."failing to clinche just 5 credits?" There is definitely smth wrong somewhere. Maybe the computer malfunctioned while marking the papers or smth. Cos you cant tell me that 98% of the students that took that exam where all dummies.

But i believe I certainly have an idea that could resolve this issue once and for all. Firstly, NECO officials should go investigate on what caused such mass failure. Then secondly, NECO examinations should discontinue. This way we know that all we've got is out kinda reputable WAEC exams.

Ohh but wait.. if NECO discontinues, then our so called invigilators and expo suppliers (the ones printing out the exam papers, and the middle men who supply it to the students) would not be able to make money through bribing. That sucks ehh

Anyways this is just an indicator measurement of our great country, Nigeria as a whole. What do you actually expect when our Gov't itself is a total failure, so how do you expects the citizens to translate that.  Our education reforms must be open and transperent.

But 98%?...WOWZERS

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