Thursday, March 18, 2010


So Omotola Jalade, Charley Boy  and Dele Momodu where among the notable Nigerians who joined the Naija Coalition of Youth Leaders from across the country to protest in Abuja. They demanded the removal of all heads of security agencies for failure to stop the recent Massacre that occurred in Jos. 
Oh before I forget, They also demanded that Yar'Adua should be removed from office if he could no longer perform his duties as the President. Oh, you know for a minute, I even forgot our Vegetable Presido still dey alive self. 
Mind you this is like the 3rd protest/rally, and yet nothing has changed. To be honest, if i were one of these protesters, i would just shun going for this whole rally thing (esp with the kind sun wey dey shine for Abuja), and let God handle this matter, cos I think he's the only one that can save our Nation at this point.  Anyways I still support our Youth Coalition peeps. Wish I was there to join you guys and see if we could manage to make an impact under that Abuja heat....
Umm but wait a minute.....Why the heck was Charlie Boy there in the first place? who even invited him to such rally? Do people still take this man serious? Cos as for me i dont. Maybe his presence even made our Pro Yar'Adua group feel the protest was probably a joke or smth.. 

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