Saturday, March 27, 2010


Some years ago when the CIA made the prediction that Naija was going to be a failed state by 2015, I wasn't surprised at all. Although some of our politicians as usual quickly repudiated such remarks at then, it's actually funny to see them support such statement now. According to the Compass, 19 Northern Governors have finally agreed that Nigeria is gradually becoming a failed state.

Power failure, Religious crisis and destruction of lives and properties, inability for the Gov't to provide basic infrastructure for the people, Increased activities of begging and prostitution among Nigerians abroad, emergence of terrorists activities, fact anything appalling you can imagine. Na we dey carry 1st.

We are basically the laughing stock of other countries around the world. Yesterday, 58 Nigerians were deported from Sudan for offenses which ranged from overstaying or holding illegal travel documents.......ARE U KIDDING ME?......SUDAN!!!! I could understand if it was like Italy or Malaysia deporting Nigerians.....BUT SUDAN??  It has reached the level were ugly wretched Sudan is even deporting Nigerians. In fact na this one wey don make me vex pass.

At 50 yrs, we have nothing to boast about. Countries like Ghana, Brazil and India that all started with us are now on the next level. Its a shame, we need a special intervention sharp sharp.

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