Tuesday, February 15, 2011


So I was in this Naija online forum, and some clown posted smth which i found very interesting and weird for some reason.  read below

ma ppl wonders neva sieze to end..
Hilary is a gudfriend of mine.,who brought a complain to me dat his girl is abt walking away.,simply bcos he denied her sex.
Hilary said he wanted a new life,a life wt christ,a life wt a meaning. He seriously wanted a new life wt God n end his life of sin., n wants to start by ending his sex life.
Wen his girl came n wanting to ve sex,hilary denied her n told her abt his new decisn,d girl broke lose and bursted out in anger n rage,threatning to end d relatnship if hilary does nt change his mind.
Nw hilary is confused.he love his girl n dnt want to lose her. What shd he do?

Anyways i actually dont have much to say bout this case, cos it has to do with the guy trying to get closer to God...and me can never never ever say anything negative when it has to deal with my one and only personal personal Savior u know :)
So i have no option than to advice my guy to shun the babe and follow the path that pleases him and GOD u know. Hopefully he will meet a babe wey no dey get along with Mr dick, or anything that even looks, feels or sounds like him ;)

But what really no just understand for the post be this.......WHEN DA HECK DID GUYS START ANSWERING HILARY FOR GOODNESS SAKE...WTF???
All these naija guys wey dey answer female names ehhn....Hilary, Ngozi, Chika...i weedah ohh.....Anyways i have good news for u guys... if u a guy above 18, and u have a girlie name, trust me i know deep inside urself u do not like ur name, but u feel there's nothing u can do about it, since its wasnt ur choice, but ur parent's.....Well find a way to kidnap, tie and bundle ur so called parents, and ask them why they tried to experiment on you. But if u above 18, then all u need do is get ur ass up, go to a nearby court, and ask for a "change of name" form...then officially change that sh**, cos it aint cute at all

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