Sunday, February 20, 2011


So 9ice's ex-wife, Tony Payne was seen with a new dude (who actually looks like 9nice too in terms of their lekpaness). Well i guess its been a yr and life goes let her do her thang.

But what i still dont understand is this: Why is this girl still making news tho? cos as far as i dey concerned, she be one very very unattractive lady....Just looking at her face alone dey give me one kind head-ache so..........Therefore i believe it would be very nice if we could stop hearing about anything she does, cos she no dey contribute anything to our lives at all :)

When u hear of the name "Tony Payne" for the first time, i swear u go dey expect say u go see one kind fine chick (cos of how cool the name sounds)  Only for person to find out say the housegial no just live up to that kind name at all.


  1. Nna igba wicked oh. Wetin the babe do you?

  2. HA HA Nwanne she no do me anything at all...just that i personally dont like looking at her face :)

  3. lwkmd where u dey Alex....
    Well i agree with u, she no fyne at all....i don see am when 9ice do en concert for brooklyn am like Dammmmmmm cos she no fyne come get belly too.... but as dem say no be only the physical na the character and personality ....but this one get k-leg...

  4. lol Jade. Although it is normal for woman who have given birth to have some belle.