Wednesday, February 2, 2011


So one middle-aged man named Ahmed was arrested by the police for attempting to rob a new generation bank somewhere in Minna, with the help of his juju. They said a bank official suddenly spotted my guy in the bulk room packing Naira notes into the Ghana must go back that he came with (ha ha...still wondering how he came with the bag shaa)

However, the bank member, who saw Ahmed taking the money into the bag, reportedly tapped him on the back and asked him what he was doing there.......LMAO.....see question ehh
Alarm was later raised and the man was arrested.
When questioned, Ahmed, who had the charms under the dress he wore, allegedly said he had been in the business for some time and that the charm was given to him by his grandfather.

He said with the aid of the charm he had the power to disappear from anywhere and would not be seen while raiding any bank.

EHHN.....NA SO...Story Story, story.....for my language, we call this AKUKO.
For some reason i'm just wondering if he wasnt caught, then how would he teleport himself along with the fat Ghana-must-go back he came along with?....or why didnt he even disappear when the banker saw him. Its freaking 2011 and someone wants us to believe that he has the power of disappearing and appearing into a bank safe?......i know there's a lot of witchcraft and all other crazy ass things going on in Naija, but if people actually believe what this guy is saying, then i will certainly  know that we really really have a long way to go in Naija..........what FUCKERY!!!????



  1. lolllll..kai! dem no go fit wound me with laff o!

    i don read all the posts i missed & my belly don full with laughter...shiooo!

    By the way, how & where do you get this *pointing to the he-she with bia-bia* pix?..i mean she truly posed for it?...YUCK!...hahahaha

  2. ha ha my sis my peeps from Naija dey send me any crazy event or pics wey dem capture or see.....u know u can never be bored if u in Naija...there must be one crazy thing or the other going on somehere

  3. LOL! Seriously, this sounds like a scene from a bad Naija movie.

    You know, its only in Naija movie pesin go see another dey do something for im korokoro eyes come still dey ask wetin he dey do...

    Only in Naija..kai!

    Nice blog bros...its 'different'