Wednesday, February 9, 2011


So this f**kers are giving the govt conditions in order to enable its members to stop killing innocent Nigerians.

The group said it would stop inflicting pains on the people if the Borno State Governor, Senator Ali Modu Sheriff, steps down from office with immediate effect and also allow members to reclaim their mosque in Maiduguri, Borno State capital.
The group’s leader, Abu Suleiman, who gave the conditions while speaking on the British Broadcasting Corporation, BBC, Hausa Service interview, monitored in Kaduna yesterday, insisted that government must withdraw all security personnel on the streets of Maiduguri, adding that no persons will be harmed any longer as soon as the appropriate authorities meet the conditions

First of all, who da heck are these retards in the scheme of things?...and why da heck are they allowing this their so called leader walk freely on the streets?....and why da heck do they think our govt should negotiate with local terrorists? Most of my closest pals are muslims, and they sure dont support this bullcrap...u see Naija na one very crazy ass country for real...I stll dont know why our govt cannot tighten up our security and prevent these ungry bastards from sneaking into our country from Chad and Niger.....
Anyways make dem no carry all that their nonsense come for east ohh...cos na there wey dem go know say power pass power :)


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  1. this are the people that gov neglect and kill them with out any trials or are convicted so why wont they retard