Sunday, February 20, 2011


Remember this dude?..........Mr Celestone Babayaro. One of the big names in Naija fotball....Well well well, my guy have officially been declared bankrupt, and all the creditors are now on his neck. Dem talk say my guy don broke, sotey his family even had to go beg his next door neighbor for a lawn mower to use and cut the grass for im house for middlesex for UK. in a whole Olympic Gold medalist ohh....and person wey been dey earn 25,000 pounds at one point .

Anyways i guess thats what happens when u are a tout/illiterate who just becomes rich overnight...what else would u do but to go around spending ur money recklessly. and now you back to square one.....and there's no way he can reduce his age again in order to play football :) .........u see that Obafemi Martins guy almost got into this ridiculous situation too, but the only luck wey im get be say he's still playing football.

U see I just cant imagine how person wey dem dey pay like 50,000 Pounds a week, but yet im account still dey go overdraft. Anyways anybody wey know uncle Cele should tell him say make im contact me, cos i could actually borrow him some money shaa....cos i cant just sit here and continue to dey see as this guy dey fall both im own hand and our hand join too :)

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