Monday, February 28, 2011


U know only in Naija that crazy things like this happened.  To be honest, i think most Naija peeps die mainly through car accidents......Everyday, some people just meet their untimely death through car accidents. Its just way too pathetic. If car no cath fire, then car dey jam car, or trailer dey jam car, or trailer dey jam trailer, or fire catch many crazy a** bullsh** for real. Too many bad roads. Too many reckless drivers that shouldnt even own a license in the first place. Too many bullsh** goin on in our transportation system.

Just take a look at this horrific scene that occured in Lagos. why why why? In the process of this trailer trying to dodge an okada, the driver rammed into the SUV....and yes that car under the container is a Hundai SUV.  Then the container fell on the car, killing the driver, who just dropped his kids off at school.

If we start to dey count the number of souls wey our roads don take ehhn, we no go finish the list even till next week.

I remember when i went to Naija in 2009 with my wife, who's a black American, and also her first time in Naija... so i decided we should take a road trip from Lagos to PH, so that she could see the terrain all all that good stuff. Only the way the driver even drive commot from the motor park sef ehhn, my woman start to dey fear. Not even 1hr into the journey, na so person slide commot from the bus wey dey for our front. Which shwed that the door was not closed well, and if no be say we kept a good distance from the bus, our driver for don crush the guy wey fall for road. My wife was like WTF.....i told her not to panic, cos na just minor mistake. As we dey come dey go, when we reach that Lagos Benin Express way, na im we just enter the other coming lane of the road, due to the bad road on our side....again my wife was like "Are u guys for real"? im i tell her yes ohh we are for real, but dont worry this is nothing serious......throughout the journey, we just dey see so many crazy ass things for road. We been see tanker trailer wey fall for the other side of the road and fuel just spill everywhere.....this time my woman no even look me sef....i can remember all she just said was "Oh Lord pls guide us in this journey". Then the one way just make her krase na when we reach one area for Delta state, and our useless police just use one big ass tree cover the road, all in the name of checkpoint. Na im my woman just shout "Where Da Heck am I Yo?".........HA HA HA Laught no just gree me ehh, na im just tell her "well this is Naija for u..welcome to our world" unfortunately :(

(vanguard online)


  1. Sad tales mehn..U know am half Nigerian Half Ghanaian,still having troubles visiting,my last visit was in summer 2007 and that was it...wasn`t a good experience....i hope n pray something is done n fast.