Tuesday, February 15, 2011


So a Court in London sentenced this boy's mumsi to eight months in jail, cos she sent my guy back to Naija due to the kind of lifestyle he was living, which she didnt like at all at al

But nawa to Western countries ohh....to send ur pikin go back im papa land na crime again?..shoooooo.... Anyways shaa i guess when u in Rome u gotta behave like the freaking Romans. and i guess thats why these western countries progress too though, cos dem no dey play with anything that gats do with human rights n stuff.

But F**k that yo....how person no go fit discipline im own pikin again sef?...say wetin happen nah......My lil boy just turned 10 months last weekend, and although im no fit talk or even understand wetin person dey talk, but me dey always remind am say whenever he turns into a teenager, and im open im mouth to shout at me ehhn...CHAI...na for inside the deep farms in Nkwerre Local Govt area of Imo state wey im go dey do im summer vacations...and i mean it when i say it...cos children of these days need more than iron hand.

Anyways shaa make our ambassador to UK go tell them say no be so we dey do am for Naija oh...which kind fuckery be this sef


  1. Achigbu, what is happening in the default pic? Is that girl/guy being amputated by military men? Distubing

  2. Lmao.....u don see am nah....trust me, if to say i no wetin dey happen for there, i for don tell u...but from the look of things, we def know that those guys dey do smth crazy to that lady/man....ha ha ha

  3. lol.They should do that to the old men that rape young girl!

  4. @ Anonymous i agree with u as to all those old men whey dey rape young girls.....in fact i go even advice the young girls to carry pocket knife self....

    Can u imagine such rubbish???? i swear if na me be the pickin mama when i comot we dey move back to 9ga make i see how UK wan force me to stay there....
    This na big wahala, see pickin whey dey complain like say if dem leave am e fit take care of enself...Na this kind pickin she suppose put for NMS straight to NDA....rubbish

  5. For reall????
    I guess he is the govt's child first.. crazyyyy.. thats why theses countries are the way they are!