Wednesday, February 9, 2011

RAPE #21

A 55 yr old man was arrested for raping a 12r old girl in Imo State

"While in that place, Innocent Opara lured Chinyere into a nearby bush and forcefully had unlawful carnal knowledge of her in the full glare of her friend. It was further gathered that after the illicit act, the suspect gave Chinyere N100 and her friend N10 to cover his heinous crime", the DCP recounted.

Mehn the kind crazy ish wey dey happen for all these villages for Naija be small ehh....To be honest i think that dude's dick shuld definitely be cut off,  and he shuld be sentenced to life, with hard labor untop. I dont just see why these nasty old men would take joy in defiling lil kids.....
Firstly, who da heck gives someone N10 in freaking 2011.... wretched ass ibotic dude trying to bribe a lil gurl. 
U see this whole raping of minors is becoming so rampant in Naija..........What happened to those days of Jerking off huh? 


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  1. EWWW.. What a pervert..these old mehn eh! I agree his dick should be cut off :)