Monday, February 7, 2011


So this na th epic wey Mercy Johnson tweeted during the set of that her new movie wey dem dey shoot for Enugu....I'm assuming this was right before she became a baldy...or maybe not (this is the time u go really appreciate wig)

Ummm.....but wait it just me or there's smth not just right about this whole outift she got on :)
Dont get me wrong ohh..i think she kinda looks nice in it....but i been dey think say she for don do better than this nah...Ok lets try to accept the whole purple thing she got goin on...BUT THAT GOLD BAG????.....nawa oh......even krase person go know say that bag na real outcast for this pic.....

To be honest i think most of these Naija celebs need to learn how to dress.....cos they be wearing some real crazy ass looking sh** sometimes :)


  1. Lmao my brother...Yup times like this we will thank the inventors of lace front wigs and more whey dey market...So she can afford to be bald for a

    Also the outfit no get part 2...this na real free madness...Please if u know any of these celebs that need person to dress them abeg refer me oh cos i hate to see people like Mercy johnson, Uche jumbo, Stephanie Okere and more falling hand....That Gold bag no get business for that purple dress Aunty Mercy i like you; but abeg try small, buy magazines and copy style oh .....I know people like to do this mis-match stuff where at the end of the day u can get away with it...not this one...a black or brown bag for better....

  2. lol...that has got to be a wig! I know one when i see one.

    And dat dress...hmmm...if she's looking for a wow comment, no be me go give am.

  3. They all need stylists....and yet still they think they're the shit. They over accessorize and dem cheap tings crazy for look o.