Monday, February 28, 2011


Ok my peeps i'm sure u guys have noticed that i've not been posting  a lot of stories lately. Anyways abeg make una no vex jare. I've been very very very busy trying to stay on my grind na. But my busy days are almost over, so i should continue my normal everyday postings soon

But i'm so so so excited cos i dey enter Naija this week ehh. I don tire for Obodo Onyibo ehh, so make i go breathe small fresh air..i mean polluted air for some time. At least make man try go see how im go make this paper for thia ehh....and trust me i mean making money in a clean way, cos i'm not into duping people, stealing money or all other crazy bullcrap wey guys some guys dey do for thia.

And i also dey excited cos i know i'll see a lot of crazy ass sh** ehh....Therefore I go dey with my camera on a 24/7 basis in order to capture any crazy stuff that I see....and then share it with the Nawa 4 U community. So I go dey post pictures and news often (opefully the internet connection no go dey like snail this time around)

But the only thing wey just dey tre me be say by the time u reach there now, the only thing u go just dey hear from peeps nah "what did you bring for me from America?"   u know ive been this close to telling some peeps "na u dey pay my electricity, phone, rent, insurance, hot water and cable monthly fees wey u dey ask me "what did u bring for me from America huh?
When dem see person dey come from Yankee, dem go think say that person hold correct dollars for pocket. Anyways i guess me sef go start to dey feel the same way about people wey dey Naija...I go start  to dey ask people for Naija "wetin dem get for me" cos i no carry money com cos dem lay me off from least its good sometimes for the hunted to become the hunter nah :)

But yeah, i look forward seeing all the craziness in Naija (although i know its same ole sh** and nothing has changed). But seriously tho, i just cant wait to come out of the door of that Lagos Airport and feel that hot damp, polluted air blow on me, and start including carbon-monoxide in my everyday menu while i'm there.  NAIJA 4 LIFE EHH :)


  1. Have a swell time Alex.

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