Saturday, February 26, 2011


Okay so this bush-baby looking fella right here has been arrested in Atlanta for shooting his wife 5 in 5 times ehh

The wife, described by a source as a hard working registered nurse in the Atlanta area, survived the shooting and is currently hospitalized

umm why am i even acting like i'm surprised sef?To be honest, when i saw the headlines of this news, the first thing that came into my mind was that the Wife would def be a nurse.....and Im just so so so right. This no be the first time wey i don talk about all these Naija women that come here and turn to nurses, feeling they making too much money and try to frustrate or fight with their husband all the time. And also i feel the husbands to most of these nurses no even go skul sef, or the just being lazy......and i feel its that point where these women (nurses) go nuts and decide to act as the bread/butter winner of the family....

But come to think of it ohh, for a Naija man to get mind to shoot im wife here in America, and knowing the consequences involved....then u can def tell that the man don go thru a whole lot of pains from that woman bro i feel ur pain, but shooting ur own wife hasnt solved the problem nah....dumbassssss!!!! 

HA HA when will all these lame/wack ass Naija men stop going to Naija to marry these ibotic women and bringing them to America?...Anyways me go keep on laughing so last two yrs, one Naija man just shot his wife stright in the head, called the cops, and told them to come arrest him asap cos he's happy he has accomplished his mission......nawa ohh....
 and before i even forget, this fool's name is Maximillian Ezimora.   WTF!!!!!???....



  1. Sad... Pls educate me... just how much on average do these nurses take home after tax? I'm just curious as everyone in yankee seems to be a nurse

  2. seriously Alex, you make my day with your funnyass yarns

  3. Lol ur just 2 funny man!

    Sad! What the reality of most Nigerian marriages in yankee has become.

    @ Anonymous-in my opinion they don't make as much unless they work overtime and even then, I still don't consider it much, but thing is nursing is one of the very few professions in the states in which u are guaranteed employment right away and it is also reliable which is why everybody and their mama is a nurse here.

  4. Abeg oh bros take am easy. The guy come from my village and according to my mum, history of mental illness dey for the guy family and probably he just lost it with his wife :-(

  5. ...this is my family friend's brother. It's so sad. I heard the story siiiiiiince. Chey.