Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I'm still trying to figure out what was running inside this bride's head during her ride in that keke....and i also follow dey imagine wetin the keke driver go dey even think too......HA HA

U know say na for this kind situation wey women go just dey give excuses in order to console themselves. u gon hear things like "yes i love my husband and money is not everything" or u gon hear "I dont care what drives me to the church, as long as i'm happy to finally get married to the man of my dreams"....ha ha na so....but from the look of this woman face, u can tell she's not thinking bout all that crap. she dey like say she wan go funeral service sef :)

The keke drive on the other hand go dey say "nawa for this woman ohh" or "chai this woman don fall her hand scatter" or "why im be say na keke wey she decide to use ke" or "men the guy wey dey marry this woman don f**k up biggest time ehh"

Well, whatever the case may be, one thing i know for sure is that no condition is permanent. But at the end of the day shaa, u gats give this woman credit jare....see liver in the highest level nah. I wish i was there cos i would really love to see who her husband is too :)  
Naija 4 life ehh


  1. D Keeke Napep thing was becos of 'mad' traffick on 'Ileya'(sallah) Eve!
    I know because I was also in dat traffick for over 5hours.
    The bride was running late n was left with two options 'okada' (motorcycle) or 'keke' (tricycle)! She smiled throughout the 'ordeal' and ppl could not help but cheer her on...

  2. HA HA ...see courage ehhh....anyways i guess u just gotta do what u gotta do sometimes in life...esp this kind of day that u dont wonna be late on ur own wedding...ha ha

  3. Yes she try well well...i know say panic go fit kill me that day...i fit begin cry spoil my make-up...lol
    At least at the end of the service am sure the car reach church on time!