Wednesday, February 9, 2011


So this Youth Corper narrowly escaped death after she was shot by her landlord....why?....cos she was mistaken for an antelope?????????????????????
???????????????????????????? antelope ke.....nawa for this story ohh

She said on the morning of the fateful day at about 5:45 a.m., she had gone to the nearby bush at the  back of the house, which is a cassava farm owned by the village headmaster.  While there son of the  headmaster joined her in the bush and soon left in a hurry only for the father to come out with a gun  and fire at her.

WTF???......wait a it just me or does anyone just dont believe this whole fuckery????...Firstly u a freaking local/village headmaster for goodness sake, so how da heck can u not differentiate between an antelope wey get 4 legs, and a human being?....and also, u no go see wetin u wan shoot before u start to pull trigger? This man look full grown woman finish dey call her antelope.....chai
This story no just clear my eye at all. These Calabar peeps dey always use one eye for corner dey look dem :)

but me go also blame the chick jare....wetin she dey do with headmaster pikin inside bush @ 5:45am???....huh?...

and the worst of all be say instead of them to carry the babe go hospital for further treatment, dem decide to use the native way... WHY WHY WHY WHY?...chai..anyways, pele my sis :(



  1. lol....this is too funny antelope..lmfao
    I feel for the babe sha...wetin she dey find at 5:45am for bush with head master pickin....She for let the boy come find her first now...see now the boy papa don mistake her for bush meat....epele oh

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