Monday, October 3, 2011


So one of my friends just told me that last week, Airtel Communications sacked all of its customer staff workers. Why? Because dem no gree for the new salary wey dem wan pay them. They basically make about N80K a month, But the new Indian company which the service has been outsourced to, is planning to pay them wey less than their current salary. This has affected about 3000 workers.

I dont understand how these so called foreign investors (especially the Lebanese and Asians) will come into our country and treat us like animals. And at the end of the day (just as I always say) everything boils down to our government. They should be blamed for this, cos if our government had always treated us with respect, then this would have never been an issue in the first place.

This just reminded me of an encounter I had when I was in Naija in April (PH to be precise). So I parked my car by this store that sells electronics and household stuff....and I wanted to cross over to the other side of the road to go grab something real quick. At first, them been think say betta customer wan come buy smth from their store, but as I turned going the opposite direction, the manager (I believe) who was Lebanese immediately came out from the store and told the security guy (those ones wey their job na to open door for person) to come tell me to move my car away from their parking lot. Na im my guy come meet me dey tell me "Chairman abeg my oga talk say make you commot the car go park am for where you dey go." I just started laughing and told him to tell his oga to come suck my balls, and i no dey commot for there until I go do wetin I wan do finish. Before i know wetin dey happen, this security guy come dey beg me, and was even about to cry, telling me that please I should help him and move it, if not he would get fired. And while all this was happening, the manager dude was by the door looking. Then I walked up to him, and told him that I just took the security guy's number, and if I ever hear that the poor old security guy got fired for no just reason, then I promise him that him and his family will regret ever living in PH, talkless of opening a store. Then the idiot started making noise because they had about 3 mopol there too, and he called them to come take me out and stuff. But after seeing the kind of car that I came with, coupled with the way I been dey talk to the manager, the mopol dudes just mellow ehh (cos I'm sure they always used to seeing people kissing these Lebanese dudes asses)....I’m very sure they were probably thinking I was a big militant, or some kind of heavy drug dealer, or even one of dem rich peoples children. But its so funny that I'm actually none of the above...ha ha ...I’m just a regular dude who happens to know some irregular peeps in our society. Even the mopol dem even come dey beg me sef. But on the real, I did scare the sh** out of the Lebanese dude tho....ha ha…..and I was being very serious about the threat too tho….Cos all I need do is make one phone call, and dude would have been a forgotten story

Anyways what I'm just trying to insinuate be say these people just treat us like animals. You even need to see the way they be treating our girls too , especially those ones wey “closing of legs” no dey their dictionary. They feel they got the money and therefore they could do whatever the f**k they want to. If you see some of these people when dem dey their land ehhn, they got nothing at all. no college education, no money, no speak when dem come Naija, we go just dey treat them like mini gods. All because of skin color. As in Lebanese be even white in freaking Lebanese peeps wey dey smell. The worst na even Asians. esp Chinese peeps. Very racist muda f**kers, and dem get the nerves to dey treat us like animals when dem come in these hungry Chinese people wey up to 20 of them dey sleep for one room. Its just a pity that we Nigerians are victims of this type of situation.

If there's anything I hate is seeing a foreigner treating my own people like our own country. Like are you f**king serious? For real, Son? Dude I'll beat your ass* beyond recognition, put you and your business (whatever the F**k it is) in a container, and ship you back to your country's original mailing and billing address….and nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing go happen. Afterall No be Naija we dey? I need to use one of them as an example I swear. Hopefully I'll encounter such incident again. F**king douchebags!!!

Anyways back to what I was now they are trying to boycott Airtel...Therefore no loading of the lines and no making calls on the 9th. Dem even get face book you fit check am out and support your fellow Nigerians. It time we step up, and make sure all these foreign companies stop taking advantage of us.

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