Thursday, October 7, 2010


UMM......I guess this is certainly what they do best. In fact dem be even better pass FBI and CIA when it comes to protecting bags of rice and other food stuffs from the citizens. U fit Imagine a New york Police or London Police dey drag bag of rice with civilians....and even dey carry the thing untop im head. See the other one for far right don drag rice, sotey im shoe don tear. And Pls pls pls, dont even tell me those people wey dey for the left side be Road Safety officers.....arent the suppose to be on the road checking for stolen vehicles n' all that crazy sh**? WTF are they doing there? Una dey see wetin ordinary bag of rice dey cause.

Anyways u see at the end of the day, na still our govt I go blame...if everyone lived a comfortable life (including these foolish officers) I dont think u will see this mess happening. But the truth of the matter be say majority of the masses are struggling and people be mad hungry eh..... and at the same time we Naija peeps too dey like Awoof too :) 

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