Tuesday, October 12, 2010


So Kanayo O Kanayo, one of our favorite ibotic actors (who reigned like 3 decades ago) was spotted at the House of Rep...So people who were inquisitive decided to ask him wetim im dey find for thia...and this where his answers to some the questions being asked.

He told journalists that he is an aspirant for the House of Representatives and came to submit his nomination form.
He wants to represent, Ahiazu/Ezinihitte Federal Constituency in Imo State.
In this interview with Daily Sun, he justifies his foray in active politics as predicated on his mission to be an agent of change.

Abeg na today wey person don dey here all this fuckery?.....smcheww

Whatever you are doing here right now, you are acting. If you present the wrong side of this news, they will come for your head tomorrow, therefore, we are all actors.

Umm well i just hope u guys were in an acting scene when u actually went into the House of Reps shaa. Hopefully the movie would be coming out soon

So, when you ask why I am getting into politics I just answered that I am getting into the mainstream right now. Number one, represents the yearnings and aspirations of my people;

Nukka Please....we all know u trying to go enjoy the National cake too..Jeeez. 
Anyways i'm not in no way critisize actors going into politics...After all see Schwarzennegar wey no even sabi speak english..but na im be Governor today.  But why me dey vex be say i know these guys are not going to do crap. And if u notice, he's living on past glory now cos his acting career don die tey tey. Soon nah u go see Genevive and Omotala dey enter too. ....abeg Mr. K.O.K go sit down somewhere juo.


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