Thursday, October 7, 2010


Okay we all kow that 9ice has been having some crazy marital issues. u know the whole thingy about Rugged Man servicing his wife (Toni) n all that bullsh**.  Anyways this was what our Uncle 9nice had to say in a recent interview
"Toni and I are separated and a divorce is already in the pipeline. We can never come together again. If people are being fed by wrong sources about the possibility of reconciling, they are hearing from me now that it is not possible. We can't come back."
Ma guy even went further to say that he will never get married again (make we clap for am jare), though he plans to have two or three more kids.

Umm Uncle 9ice i hear ya..Well lemme start off by saying thanks for giving us great songs like Gongo-aso, photocopy and my favorite one, "pass me da ganja" :)......goood good good thanks thanks thanks (although i dont even understand whatta heck u be talking about in most of ur songs tho)
But on the other hand, i for like know how this ur situation come take affect our current and future endeavors nah? cos the last time a checked, nobody really blow about whether u marry ohh, or u no marry ehh.
Just keep on making good music for us to dance to....thats all we care about...and we def gonna be cool wit u...shikina :)
and the toni chicka no even fyne self..all i see is lips and nose :)

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