Thursday, October 28, 2010


Okay so dont knwo if u guys have heard, but this week, security agents impounded 13 containers suspected to be loaded with arms and ammunition at Apapa Wharf in Lagos this in 13 freaking containers!!

The containers contained rocket grenades and explosives.......One thing i know for sure be say the people behind this whole weapon deal were definitely smoking smth when they decided to ship 13 containers containing weapons into Naija.

Yes we all know Naija is bad this and that, so much corruption, as well as all the crazy things happenning in our country...But to bring in 13 containers, and thinking you will just easily clear them out without no worries?....Nawa to the person wey plan this whole thing juo....infact dem suppose stone am to death for being both dumb and trying to cause some type of unforeseen turmoil in our beloved country :)

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