Monday, October 25, 2010


Okay so this is a local Celebrity yoruba actor known as Fathis Balogun. She has been dating one married man known as Mr Sunday Adeyemo for over five yrs. The worst part be say na the man wife wey even introduce both of them. So while Sunday's wife lives in London, both Fathia and Sunday were do-do-do-doing smth. 

A few days ago, Adeyemo’s wife, who is based in London, came home and met her husband with the actress in their family home. She was shocked because the light-complexioned actress and mother of two is her friend and she often stays in her residence whenever she (Fathia) travels to London.

Anyways me no really dey interested in whatever any of them did. But there's smth i've noticed (for the most part) when i'm reading Naija news: Why da heck do Naija journalists always like to differentiate our skin colors (especially the light ones)?....What in the world is "light-complexioned actress?" So as dem tell us say she dey light complexioned, make we all start to dey clap, run, smile or what?  Cos i dont really understand why they always do this crap.....We are all freaking BLACK for goodness sake...JEEZ...this na why we (black people in general) no go ever progress


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