Tuesday, October 5, 2010


HA HA .......So Mrs. Jonathan gave people that attended the parade bags of rice...so u suppose trust our people nah....cos when there is sharing of any type of food or gift among Naija peeps, that nah when the real animality and barbaric act in us begin to manifest. See as people just dey fight because of bag of rice, like say we dey drought season. Even the (foolish) police people even tire to dey flog ehh.
U see this is just pathetic and disheartening . I guess this is another reason why we not moving forward....cos when u give a group of people (who are usually uneducated and oblivious of their full constitutional rights) lil things like this, they begin to feel u've done the best for them, and they will be ready to support u for life....without them knowing that, by right,  they actually deserve smth a million times more than a freaking bag of rice for goodness sake .....
And from the look of the pictures, im be like say na even the police people been carry majority of the bags dey go their house....Anyways are we surprised?.....cos thats basically what these illiterates/touts in uniforms do best.... Eat, drink, sleep, kill innocent citizens, and finally, always on alert to flee whenever they see armed robbers....Jeez I just cant stand them yo

click below for more pics

     Original olokpa....jeeez these peeps are mad greedy yo!!!

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