Thursday, October 28, 2010


So P-Square have finally completed their house. Much Kudos to them jare..U know i always use their life story as a good example of hustling. I remember when they fiirst came out, singing and trying so hard to dance n' all that stuff....and every one of una been dey laugh them at then....and I was the only one who had this feeling that they will do it big. And today, dem don blow...U see as life be? Anyways, there are speculations that the house is worth N300million. (Naija media done come with their over estimation)
Umm but as for me, just looking at the front alone, i dont think its anywhere close to N300million. It actually looks like every other big man's house in Naija...real talk tho....anyways click below for pictures and see for urself....

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  1. The house inst all that, and the furniture looks wack. They must have been duped.