Monday, October 4, 2010


(click below to checkout the bigger picture)

This probably one of the best and funniest moves i've seen in a while.
So during Naija independence day, someone hacked into the Naija Senate website and put this on their homepage. a whole national assembly website ohh. I would really luv to know who did this and even give the guy correct handshake juo. Although i believe it wouldn't make much headlines, cos people barely visit this N6 million crappy site. But at the same time,  THIS IS BRILLIANT!!!
I just hope we keep on seeing things like this. U see everyone is just fed up, and its about time we start attacking the govt somehow, hence this strategy might  make some peeps sit up, and stop all the fuckery
but "FUCK THE GOVT"??........ha ha....PRICELESS :)

check out bigger pic below

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